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MULTISEAL is a thermoplastic resin-based sealant/barrier which withstands fire, water and rodent attack.

MULTISEAL is available in two versions: “FP” (having much more fire resistance) and “WP” (much more water resistance) both available as a ready for application paste and in pre-solidified panels.

It is suitable for sealing cable enterings, pipelines, and electrical channels in general and it is available both as a ready for application paste and in pre-solified panels.

Thanks to the versatility of the range it is possible to realise perfect barriers even where there are many cables in the opening to be closed or when the opening itself is not easily reachable.

Actually, for the laying of the pre-solidified panels no platform or supporting framework is needed, making the installation easy and accurate.

Both versions “FP” and “WP” are available as:
• MULTISEAL loose for application: in 1 Kg, 7 Kg or 20 Kg buckets.
   Pre-solified handworks having a core of copolymer:

• MULTISEAL FORM: size Ø 200, thickness 40 mm

• MULTISEAL PANEL: size 500 x 600 mm, thickness 40 mm.




MULTISEAL-WP and FP dope is easily workable with loose tools and it is possible to cut the panels for their conformation without the help of tables or operation records.

The first step consists in the closing of the gaps between the cables and the covering of these cables with the paste in order to prepare a basement for the panel (the surface of cables and walls must be dry); during the second step the panel is installed and all the edge gaps are sealed.

Openings having a diameter up to 100 mm can be sealed also with the paste applied several times over; in this way the lower layers can harden so to act as a support for the following layers.



VERSATILE: the range of MULTISEAL allows the user to choose the model which fits more the shape and the size of the opening to be sealed.

FLAMEPROOFING: MULTISEAL-FP has a CLASS “B-s1-d0” fire resistance.

EASY TO INSTALL: No platform or supporting framework is needed for laying of the pre-solidified, so the installation results easy and accurate.

EASILY WORKABLE: MULTISEAL is easily workable with simple tools (not electric) and it is possible to cut the panels in the desired shape or size without using worktables.

RESISTANCE: MULTISEAL is resistant to common hydrocarbon solvents (when dried), high temperatures (<850 °C) and to the attacks of rats, dormice and rodents in general.

MULTISEAL is non corrosive and atoxic (pH=7,0). It is halogen free and insoluble in water when dried.


MULTISEAL - WP and FB dope has a great portability and allows to create perfect sealings which are impossible to obtain with other systems.

MULTISEAL can be applied to the following places:

  • Cable entrances
  • Pipelines
  • Electrical channels


Recommended for use indoors or out




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